2 awesome's choral speaking....:D
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1)A very good morning to everyone present here.The honorable judjes,respected teachers and all the girl sitted down here.We, the class of 2 amanah(awesome),would like to present to you "Music In Teenagers Life".So seat back,relax,don't snooze....and enjoy...

2)Music, music and music
When we listen to it
We sway to the sound
Shake our head and spin around
Monica:Rock n roll
And sometimes it's so soothing
It takes us to another land!

3)When we listen to music
What does it actually mean to us teenagers?
Nisa:Uh,Michael Jackson songs are inspiring....
No, I mean what does music contribute to our lives?

4)Well, firstly some may say music releases stress
In fact, it does,
After school,after all the studying and stress
We, teenagers lay back, turn on the radio,
And listen to (ahhh...)music.

They keep nagging...and nagging...and nagging...
Yep here...yep there... yep everywhere...
Is that all they can do?
Syawani:How can i release my tension?
Syawani:What kind of music?
Solo:POP, ROCK, RnB, JAZZ and HIP HOP....

6)Music can affect a person
A teenager in love simply listens to love songs
Syahirah:Back to December
Nurul:Love like this
When we are angry
We listen to
SyareezaMy all time favourite
Raihanah:No other
Steffi:Xiou jiu wo

7)Nurul:OMG!Have you bought Justin Bieber's new album?
Marisa:Yeah man....
Raihanah:OMG!OMG!OMG!Super junior  is coming?
Tengku:OMGLEE!Have you heard Glee newest song?
Teenagers are attracted to music because of singers like
Solo:SHINEE,Rabeca Black,Mizz Nina,Lady Gaga!
And the late Michael Jackson....

8)We teenagers love to express ourselves at all times
We want adult to accept us as Kesha says "We are who we are"
And Lady Gaga says "We are born this way"!
Different people have different taste in music
Some like English,Malay,Tamil,Chinese,Korean and many more

9)Classic melody,rock song
Nisa and Thivyia:Dapa Kuthu
Are the songs that most teenagers feel like listening too
The lyrics touch our feelings in a very intelligent way
Have you heard of A.R Rahman and Haris Jey Raj?
Sophia:This is brand new information!
At this age,only love songs calm teenagers down

10)So we cannot use music as an excuse to ditch our work
There are limits to everything,
"Including music"!
Do not let music influence us in a very bad way
Because some of the musis has nasty words in it
Yeah!It's on;y better for you to listen to music when you have free time

Thank you for listening!!!:)